The art of being alone

I don’t do this well, being alone and still, not making plans for the next day, the next week. I am a planner, always have been. I spent 2 and half weeks in Ottawa just recently and packed in a year’s worth of social life into that time-frame. I left my kids with Richard as I needed to get back to work so I am in Delhi a few weeks solo,  just me and my cat, Mango. The difference in experience has been stark. I was rather depressed the first week back as both realities were at opposite ends of the spectrum. The time back home made me realize the richness of my life, the tight woven tapestry of my family and community life. A tapestry that has been woven over time, strand by strand. Having been in Delhi just a year, the experience has been one of new professional opportunity, adventures and friendships. As much as this experience has been enriching on so many levels, by being away from home, home takes on deeper meaning. They often say the grass is greener on the other side. You are put, you yearn to go elsewhere, you go elsewhere, you yearn to go home. I guess this is life’s dilemma, finding your inner peace and contentment no matter where you find yourself. Happiness really does emanate from within. The challenge is how to tap into that contentment, finding it among the stillness.


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