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Prorogued rally

January 24, 2010

Attended the rally against prorogued parliament today on the hill. It ended up being a partisan fest for the anti-conservative electorate. NDPers were there. Liberals. Greens. Unions. Lots of unions. There were also perennial protesters, those who protest for any reason. I even saw someone holding a banner opposing NBC’s move to block Conan O’Brien’s late show. The banner read: I love coco. I suppose we are all partisan to a particular ideology, but I thought I was attending a rally to speak out against Prime Minister Harper unilaterally suspending parliament. Instead, we had speeches about disability rights, climate change, and the Afghan detainee issue- of course all these issues are important and the fact that parliament is suspended, elected MPs can’t speak to these in the House. I left just as Jack Layton was about to speak, the first of the opposition leaders to speak, so hopefully the opposition leaders drove the point home that this prorogation makes a mockery of democracy and increases people’s disdain for the electoral process. Too bad the organizers didn’t invite non-partisan groups like Democracy Watch or Fair Vote Canada to speak about the importance of the democratic process, accountability and transparency.  This would have helped to keep the main point in focus. Instead the protest was a rallying cry against everything, and the main point got lost.