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December 4, 2009

It’s been several weeks now that I have returned from that compelling and riveting English capital. What remains muted on the subject of the fair city? Not much this amateur can write about that will shed new light, but I often some modest thoughts.

These are based on my week of freedom earlier in November. By freedom, I mean no kids, no work, no obligations, outside those dictated by my internal compass. It was pure joy. There were many moments were I was close to tears, so moved by the shere beauty of the architecture and landscape around me. Be it a Victorian facade, a quaint courtyard, a two-century old pub or a vista on the Heath.

There was one brief moment of frustration. When an invader leaned under the cafetaria table where I was eating at the British Museum, and quietly and unsuspectedly disappeared with my wallet. All money and cards were gone. Luckily I had friends close by to lend me a hand (thank you Gail and Carol). I spent less as result, but managed to bring back the requested goods for my kids and nephews (soccer jerseys and paddington bears). I did manage to see a play- Othello- a soap opera of vaste proportions, and a musical-Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, a fabulous and shiny production, somewhat of a soap opera too, but this one with frocks and feathers!

I spent my only weekend in Manchester visitng my very good friend, Carol, who is doing her PhD there in international development. The city is industrial and has less cache than London (at least at first glance), but has amazing curry on the curry mile strip. Also I witnessed a brawl at one of the local pubs following a ManU loss, which added to the authenticity of my trip. What’s England without grown men fighting over a lost football match? Manchester, like London, were built during medieval times, so streets go in all directions. It amazes me that so many lived, breathed and died before on those very streets. You can’t walk 5 feet in London without there being a story behind that very space.You can feel the energy and the spirits.

Happy to be home though with my loved ones. But have to admit I’m already thinking of my next trip!