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Candy and viruses

November 1, 2009

It is telling of a society that simultaneously promotes panic with mild strained viruses and indulgence of the high caloric kind found on this day, Halloween. Telling because the two are somewhat connected, albeit indirectly. I wonder why parents don’t panic with the junk that’s going into their children’s stomachs on such a night.While the costumes are amusing, it really is all about the junk food. I don’t even want to think of the volume of candy wrappers going into landfill after the frenzy week of gorging and pigging out. I am no stranger to this evening of knocking on neighbours doors with my kids. I did so again this evening. It was fun, especially connecting with neighbours and strengthening that community bond. My daughter was very sensible. After her small lantern bag was full, she said enough maman, now I want to go eat some! We gorge ourselves until we are sick. Junk food consumption in the long-term, Halloween, and beyond, will get us more sick than any influenza virus coming at us, and in fact, make our immune system weaker in combatting it. Where is the mass panic against the junk food nation? Against a nation that privileges automobile infrastructure over other healthier and less deadly modes? Your child is much more likely to die in a automobile accident or from complications of a bad diet, than from the H1N1, a mild strained virus for the most part. Where is the panic for these issues?