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September 23, 2009

It has been the summer of spiders. Spiders in every room of my house. Spiders in the tub. Spiders in my windows. Spiders on my windows at work, and I work on the 22nd floor of a downtown office building. Just an hour ago, there was a spider (quite beautiful from where I was sitting) outside my window, just daggling from who knows where, then all of a sudden, the spider decides to crawl upwards to someone elses window. Very curious how he got there in the first place, but that is  nature. It exists in the unlikely of places. I don’t know about you, but I have much difficulty with squashing a spider. It has to do with the number of legs they have and the fact that someone, somewhere, told me  they were intelligent insects. I have no difficulty ruining cobwebs though, and the fact that they build these things with their spit is kinda gross.


Disecting laundry

September 19, 2009

As I put laundry to air just now on my fabulous clothesline, I was reflecting on the different meanings of my domain title: airing the laundry. It can mean so many things. Literally, it means airing physical laundry (aka putting clothes on hanger to dry). But it can also presuppose airing your laundy to family or friends. More than a conversation, airing laundry usually assumes a degree griping and moaning about supposed wrongdoing or disgruntlements. I am always very intrigued by the human capacity to gossip and rumour about other people. This is airing other people’s laundry. We take joy in this because other people’s laundry is usually more interesting than our own. In reality, we know very little about the laundry of others, but pretending too, often makes us feel superior. It is difficult not to air laundry and to pass judgement, but I am making a bet with myself that for an entire week I will put a stop to it! Stay tuned for my findings!

The love of bicycle propulsion

September 14, 2009

I love the bicycle. Its simplicity and compact form are to be admired and appreciated in this age of “bigger means better.” I have been riding bikes as my main mode of transport since my teenage years. Right now, I am riding a clunker if ever there was one. A haro purchased in 1994 with money saved from my student union wages.  It still gets me from A to B, but just. It’s time for a new one, one with fresh colours, less rust and functional crank. I had a wonderfully custom-made hybrid built in 2001, which recently got stolen from our garage. I had used this one for long distance trips, whether on flat surfaces or hilly climbs. I love climbing hills. The exhilaration is thrilling and then you are rewarded with cruising downhill at what seems like the speed of light. Soon I will be the proud owner of an extracycle, and will be able to transport my kids as easily as truck moving furniture.

There has been lots of media attention lately on the co-existence of pedal and motor power in our cities. This follows an incident involving a former Ontario Attorney General and a courier cyclist, which resulted in the death of the latter. If anything positive comes out of an incident involving, what appears to be, a tragic confrontation between two hot-heads, is a heightened awareness of cyclists rightful place on the road. There needs to be mutual respect between these two groups and an understanding that both have responsibilities on the pavement. The motorist must provide sufficient space to the cyclist, and slow down when overtaking. The cyclist must halt at red lights and refrain from riding on the sidewalk (which at times I too am tempted to do depending on the road travelled on).Cycling is not mere child’s play. It is a serious mode of transportation that contributes to a healthier population, cleaner air, and a time for daydreaming (not too much though, one must keep eyes firmly on the road). I love the bicycle. Québecois artist, Daniel Bélanger, le dit bien dans sa chanson : “Intouchable et immortel »

Mais quand je roule à vélo

La tête dans les étoiles et dans le vide

Le vent est doux, j’hallucine…

Je roule à vélo

La nuit est claire,

Le chemin désert

je suis invincible,

Intouchable et immortel…

First blog entry

September 12, 2009

Submitted on 2009/09/12 at 12:26am I am new to the blog world and I look forward to some fun and dynamic exchanges here. I am a social creature, so this seem natural to me. I have been wanting an outlet for some writing creativity, so here I am. Why call this domain “the other twin”? Most of you will know I have an identical twin. Often, I am mistaken in public places for my twin sister, so often I need to say: “no, no, you mean the other twin.” These have been pleasant exchanges as people scratch their heads and move along. I love my sister. She is very much a soul sister, a better half. A blog would not be blog without exchange so hopefully my random and organic thoughts will inspire you to share some of your own. Merci, thank you, Gracias Carole

Hello world!

September 11, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!